Monday, July 27, 2009

Feats and Eats #3

Breakfast: shirred eggs topped with bacon; fresh blueberries topped with whole milk yogurt; spinach, peppers, and onions in peanut sauce

Lunch: Not hungry

Dinner: jamaican ribs, adapted from this delicious recipe (we did beef rather than pork and a dry rub rather than a marinade); cucumber and tomato salad

Exercise: Completed workout #17 of the 30 day challenge on EA Sports Active. There are 20 workouts in the challenge, so I have only three to go and I'll have finished it. I did today's workout after an 18 hour fast, before eating anything beyond my morning fish oils. Honestly, it didn't feel good. I was weak and a bit tachycardic. I wussed out on one of the strength training exercises for the first time since week one and I ended up doing some wimpy half-reps 'cause I just couldn't take more.

This last bit of IF (Intermittent Fasting) also made my POTS symptoms act up. Usually I do not have symptoms so long as I avoid eating too many carbs, but by the end of last night I was losing vision on standing again. I'm not sure why sometimes IF feels great and sometimes it doesn't feel so great, but I'll keep a record and maybe I can find some clues. One possibility is that I can handle either hot weather or IF, but not both at once.

Breakfast today may have been a bit too carby. Brain fog was threatening to set in within ten minutes of eating. I ate some extra meat when the feeling started and am happy to say that the fog abated. Coincidence? I can't tell. No symptoms for the rest of the day.  

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