Friday, July 31, 2009

Feats and Eats #6

Breakfast: Large cheddar omelette. I ate this around 10 am and wasn't hungry again until 4 pm.

Dinner: Tried and failed to make a proper eggwich. (I have since found a blog post with a few helpful hints and I intend to perfect this.) Instead ended up with some layered, cheesy concoction. I offered to share it but ended up snarfing about three quarters of it all by myself. My lovely man then fried up some kielbasa with walla walla sweet onions. That was delicious as well. I returned for more meat around 8 pm, as I felt hungry again.

Exercise: Workout #19 is finished. I also ran around at the park with the bigger caveboy, did a few errands that involved a lot of walking, and generally had a hot, sweaty, fun day.

I've been reading up on the zero-carb or carnivore approach, mostly on various blogs and at the Zeroing in on Health forum. This is a direction I want to explore further. I've begun to experiment with eating fewer fruits and vegetables and so far I feel quite good. There will be more on this subject in an upcoming post.

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