Tuesday, July 28, 2009

POTS on Paleo--Big Meals or Small?

I'm having to figure out my ideal meal size through trial and error. Eating low-carb/paleo, I naturally tend toward eating large meals and going several hours between meals. When your blood sugar is stable throughout the day, there's no need to eat those 5-6 small meals recommended by today's mainstream nutritionists. I have what is almost a nostalgic desire to eat more frequently, but I'm not truly hungry.

That said, a number of articles on POTS state that large meals tend to divert too much blood to the digestive tract in POTS patients. This means that blood is drawn away from the brain, causing excessive fatigue, sleepiness, foggy thinking, irritability, and other symptoms of insufficient cerebral perfusion. Obviously these observations were most likely made regarding patients who consume typical high-carb modern fare. However, I have been experiencing these symptoms lately--just not to the extreme degree that I once did.

This heat wave throws another variable into the equation , so right now is a bad time to experiment with this. I'm looking forward to figuring it out though--hopefully soonish.

Here is a good page on POTS that I haven't seen before today.

I probably won't have many interesting meals to share this week. Until it's cooler out, I shudder at the thought of cooking. We're mostly eating from the fridge. There's still plenty of roast beef there, along with blueberries and salad fixings.

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