Thursday, July 30, 2009

Feats and Eats #5

Breakfast: Sausages with scrambled eggs and apple slices. Lovely man took this photo of his plate halfway through the meal, tucked back in his home office (aka our bedroom).

Dinner: I took inspiration from MDA's Asian Cucumber Salad post, adapting it to the items I had on hand (which included neither freshly grated ginger root nor black sesame seeds, I'm afraid). There's no photo, mostly because it wasn't pretty. I was seized by an intense desire to see what happens when a hunk of beef roast meets the Cuisinart fine shredding disc and then add the meat to my salad. "What happens" is that the resulting meat product could be mistaken for something a mother hawk might regurgitate into the gullets of her chicks. Mmm... stringy beef paste. Still, it tasted good. I can't complain about the flavors of ginger, lime, and chilies combined. 

Exercise: I did my 18th EA Sports Active workout. Two to go.

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