Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feats and Eats #2

Breakfast: coconut flour crepes; sliced apple wrapped in havarti; mini sweet peppers; sliced eye of round with rosemary crust (That last one is thanks to my sweetie! He cooks a nice roast or two near the beginning of most weeks and we slice it in the food processor for easy meat foraging later on.)

Exercise: Completed workout #16 on EA Sports Active

Nobody was very hungry for lunch, though we snacked around a wee bit in the early afternoon. The weather has been intense and I think this has been affecting our appetites. Our portable A/C keeps the temperature down a bit indoors, thankfully, but things still tend to feel somewhat muggy and oppressive. The baby wants to be naked, which seems to help him bear the discomfort of teething. The cats choose their respective corners early in the day and barely move except for necessities (such as the scent of meat on the breakfast table).

At any rate, I'm feeling great on what I've already had, so I'm going to fast until breakfast tomorrow. The bigger little boy is still weaning off grains and tonight's dinner for him will be of his choosing--most likely a sandwich. The little one will have his milkies. My lovely man... who knows?

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