Sunday, August 2, 2009

Feats & Eats #7

Exercise: I completed the last workout and earned my 30-day challenge trophy on EA Sports Active. I was a bit tired after yesterday's carbage, but not as bad off as I'd feared.

I'll give a mini-review, since I've been using the game for over a month now. I believe the challenge was a good thing for me. The best thing I got out of this game so far is increased endurance. Exercises that were hard in the beginning are easy now and I can run a longer distance than before (which is a big deal to me, since just a few months ago I had debilitating shortness of breath on exertion). I've also become reacquainted with proper form for old exercises and learned a few new ones.

My legs have firmed up a bit since starting the challenge and maybe my arms as well. Based on what I'm reading in primal and low carb circles, I am going to need to lift heavy weights to see much of a difference in terms of muscle definition. I'd love to incorporate free weights into these workouts, though I am not sure I can manage to lift sufficiently heavy weights while managing the Wii remote and nunchuk. I will probably begin the intermediate 30-day challenge next week and I have notions of using what the game has taught me in order to branch off and do my own resistance training.

Breakfast: I told the caveman that I'm calling this dish "Which Came First?" I broiled up a batch of Green Chicken (as well as Red Chicken, my own twist with curry and paprika) and then used the drippings to fry up some eggs. Eggs fried in chicken fat? Amazing! 

Dinner: Mashed carrot with tons of butter, sliced cucumber, and my own rendition of the infamous school cafeteria "Steak Fingers". They're made of hamburger meat, garlic and onion, formed into 3-4 inch long fingers, and covered with almond flour and spices. They were reasonably good but, like most fakers, didn't live up to what I'd had in mind. I sort of wished they were just plain meat patties without any nut breading.

Oh, and that's a glob of homemade olive oil mayo at the top. The recipe warned that it would have a strong flavor, and it was right. I would not make it again with olive oil, though I will likely someday experiment with coconut and/or macadamia nut oils.

This meal was an effort to use up some of the veg-type carbs hanging around the house. We had a Costco bag of organic carrots that were drying out. I enjoyed the meal but wasn't surprised to feel famished again a mere two hours later. At that point I ate some leftover chicken from this morning, along with some cheese. Still hungry.

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