Friday, August 14, 2009

ZC: Day 4

Yay for my fourth day of zero carb eating!

My appetite was smaller than it was yesterday. I've calculated roughly 2300 calories so far. I will probably eat a little meat shortly, bringing today's total to about 2600. I did not want breakfast until after 10 am, then desired nothing further until 5:30 pm.

Today I've had brisket, beef fat, butter, one egg, cheese, heavy whipping cream, and turkey leg with skin. At dinner I sat down thinking I was going to eat a ton, but after a few bites of fat and a little meat I felt unexpectedly satisfied and didn't want more.

I am surprised by how little temptation I feel. Caveboy's orange juice looked appealing this morning, but that's about it. Caveman asked me to make him some sweet oopsie rolls after dinner, so I did. When I smelled them they did not seem like food to me, even though they turned out well.

Now for the POTS report. No brain fog all day long today! Even after a big breakfast, I was feeling good. One possible explanation is that my breakfast was mostly beef today rather than eggs. I also ate it slowly over the course of an hour. I'm making note of that so I can see if there are any trends later on. I also had no vision loss, although twice I felt that funny feeling in my head that occurs right beforehand. I did have shortness of breath. The SOB happened around the times I got hungry and seemed to abate  after eating (this is the opposite of what happens when I eat carbs). I was probably a bit tachycardic while standing but had no chest pains.

My energy level is higher than it was earlier in the week, in spite of being sleepy (I'm having mild insomnia and sleeping about 4-5 hours a night, but I don't think this is related to ZC). I'm still feeling a bit weak/tired when I carry the baby around, but not as tired as yesterday. Even when I wasn't up and moving, I felt the urge to fidget and tap my toes. My body really wanted to be active.

I've also been sweating like crazy even though the weather has cooled down. I've been very thirsty since starting ZC. Tomorrow I'll keep track of how much I'm drinking. I make bathroom trips like a pregnant lady and can smell the ketones I'm dropping.

I'm hoping that soon I will feel strong enough to wear my baby in a sling again as I do my chores. Right now I am able to wear him if I'm just walking or shopping, but bending or stooping while babywearing takes too much out of me.

Caveman is shopping for a cast iron pan now. He is going to make me my very first ribeye next week. Now that's a worthy craving. I'm trying not to drool, just thinking about it.

Oh! And I weighed myself today. I won't tell anybody what I've lost until it has been a full week, but I will say that I whooped when I saw the number. =)

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