Sunday, August 30, 2009

ZC: Day 20 - Neptune's Revenge

I knew I was going to have seafood today, so last night I had a strange dream about eating live squid babies while vegans descended on my son. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed my squid baby breakfast upon awakening. Moving on...

I am not sure how much time I used to spend on meal planning, but I am certain it wasn't a trivial amount. I found new recipes, looked up old favorites, tried to round out the meals with enough vegetation, baked treats (primal or otherwise), strove not to be boring or repetitive, and so on. Meal planning is only one way in which our daily schedules can become littered with thoughts of food. And, of course, it didn't help matters when I'd become sick or lethargic from a simple meal. That was a big time drain, too.

So far, zero carb meals have required little or no planning ahead. It's also less time consuming to cook these meals and (in my kitchen, at least) there is less mess. We know what we can eat and we choose from those limited items. I'm also making some foods in batches, which helps cut down on mess and cooking time even further.

Not having to tend to the kitchen or worry about "balanced" meals, we have more time for fun. I think we've been to the park more times in the past week than we had for the previous month. Part of my mind is still preoccupied to an unhealthy extent with food (or, rather, poisons and non-foods), but it's pleasant to find myself with all sorts of time for various activities for once.

On to today's report.


I had a pretty big appetite today. I got hungry twice, about eight hours apart. I ate beef, pork sausage (no fillers), squid, mussels, shrimp, cheese, butter, egg, mayo, and cream. Total: 3200 calories.

I'm beginning to feel a little nervous about eating according to appetite when my appetite is so large. Funnily, I usually see my biggest losses on the scale the morning after huge meals like this, so I know I've got nothing to fear. It's just that old, dieter mentality. I've seen the numbers fall now and it's sort of addicting. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm in this for my health and my weight will stabilize where it's supposed to be.

The brand of store-bought mayo I used has no carbs but it is made from bad oil and I know it would be best to give it up entirely. I've read about people making butter mayo, which is essentially hollandaise with no lemon. I don't know how long this stage will last, but I am still wanting variety and flavor. I'm willing to drop my seasonings, dairy, and such when it becomes evident that I must do so in order to progress. That moment hasn't arrived for me yet.

Other Stuff

I'm feeling more alert during the day now, even more than I was when the brain fog first lifted. Insomnia is still a problem. I am thinking if I time my evening meal just right, the work of digesting might make me fall asleep earlier. But it might also cause heartburn or bloating, I'm afraid. We'll see.


  1. HI,
    Just wanted you to know that I found your blog via a reply you left on Whole Health Source, and I am checking in frequently, and appreciate your updates!
    What caught my eye about your blog is that you have a child (or 2?) and I am really looking for info about vlc or zc for children...The little research that is out there about ketogenic diets and children is that they tend to be small and don't grow properly because of lack of carbs.
    Do you have any imput or information about this? Thanks to you, too, I found the Zero carb forum, so I have become a lurker there,,,
    Keep up the good health!

  2. Do you eat nuts? We're on a different but similar diet (the SCD) for health issues. I found almond flour baked goods kept me going and keeps the carb cravings away.

  3. what do you think of matt at 180 degree health? his diet seems plausible

  4. Definitely have a read:

    Lots of good reading