Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ZC: Day 8

All right. I'm bringing stats today! I lost 4.8 pounds on my first week of zero carb, eating an average of 2350 calories per day.

I finished my homemade jerky this morning. Post forthcoming. The caveman has my photos and he conked out early tonight. Today was his first day of zero carb. (Hi babe. Can I just say you're very cute all sprawled out there next to your hacked netbook?)

On to today's report.


I wasn't very hungry at all today. I had about 200 calories at 9 am and didn't eat again until 5 pm. Total: 1400 calories. I feel very full. Foods included: beef jerky, fatty pork, cheese, butter, and cream.

Cravings are present, but my resolve is strong.

Thirst has normalized. I won't be reporting on that anymore unless something new happens. I can't smell the ketones at all anymore. Maybe keto-adaptation isn't too far away


Peaks and valleys. At times I felt raring to go. At other times, I could have easily fallen asleep if given the chance. Overall, I would rate this a hair higher than yesterday. I had a busy day and couldn't do everything I'd hoped to do, but I was managing to carry heavy things without trouble. I enjoyed being outdoors and moving around.

Cognitive Function

I'm still having to exert extra effort to concentrate on reading, but I don't feel terribly slow anymore. The come-and-go sleepiness is holding me back a bit.


Frequent shortness of breath and orthostatic tachycardia, along with eight episodes of presyncope. So far these POTS symptoms have worsened on ZC. They are very mild discomforts compared to the disabling brain fog I get on carbs, so it's a trade off I'd be willing to make. Still, I hope this isn't as good as it gets. We'll see.

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