Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ZC: Day 2

I felt a bit yuckier on my second day of zero carb eating. There are several possible reasons for this. I had quite a bit of bacon at breakfast and bacon does appear to be associated with bouts of fuzzy-headedness for me. I got only about five hours of sleep last night. It's also simply the second day and I've been without significant carbohydrate intake for longer. Some level of induction sickness is going to happen, I suppose.

Overall today my energy has been quite low. I also lost vision around five times, which is unusual when I'm not carbing. Perhaps my POTS symptoms are linked to a hypoglycemic/hyperinsulinemic state. I intend to do a bit of research and reading along those lines and see what I find. If this is the case, I wonder if I should expect symptoms to continue until I ketoadapt.

After my evening meal of fatty brisket, I felt a little better. I have had no intense brain fog episodes today, but I don't feel as sharp as I like to feel. Sleepy and slow.

Hunger was also decreased today. I had a large breakfast and a small dinner, about nine hours apart. About five hours after dinner I started to feel hungry again, but I don't want to eat so close to bedtime. With FitDay I've estimated my intake at around 1600 calories.

Thus far the carb cravings have not been as bad as one might think. I've had brief thoughts of a few favorite foods, but I try to push the images out of my head in order to avoid an anticipatory insulin response. I have also tried to avoid photos or commercials involving carby foods (aka "food porn"). This approach has been more successful for me than dwelling on the food. It makes the cravings feel less intense. My two years as a Catholic were good practice for this. ^_~

(Lest my gentle readers take offense at that last bit, please know I do mean it in an affectionate tone and not any sort of disrespect. There is a great deal of wisdom, I believe, in recognizing the powerful effects of dwelling on particular thoughts and images. Those who believe that private thoughts are without consequence are kidding themselves.)

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