Sunday, August 16, 2009

ZC: Day 6

Hunger and Thirst

My foods included pork, beef, eggs, cream, bacon grease, sausage, and cheese. I ate about 3300 calories today, 300 of which were consumed after I knew I was no longer hungry. Cravings were really intense and I kept overhearing mentions of carby foods I enjoy. I think this probably contributed to my overindulging in eggs and cheese at my last meal of the day. I was feeling sorry for myself and wanted to eat just for the taste of it.

On the bright side, it's interesting to experience this kind of fullness. It feels very different from the fullness I felt on paleo, even. It was very clear to me where the line was and I knew I was crossing it.

My water intake dropped to around 100 ounces. I'm still a lot more thirsty than anybody else I know, but quite a bit less so than I was yesterday. I don't have ketostix but I can't smell the ketones quite so strongly anymore. I'm no longer sweating excessively either.


Low, low, low. If I didn't have responsibilities, I'd have gladly slept half the day. I noticed an increased urge to move around after I overate, but before that I was loathe to do more than the bare minimum of my daily tasks.

Cognitive Function

I had a hard time concentrating on my reading. My eyes just keep skipping around on the page. I had a great, animated conversation about some of my favorite subjects today and felt sharp at that point, but it really took a lot out of me and I nearly fell asleep afterward.

This mental tiredness is a pain. There are projects I want to work on for which my brain simply isn't suited at the moment. Translating my thoughts into words is difficult. I'm not cranky and overwhelmed like when I have POTS brain fog, just slow and sleepy. A bit more absent-minded than usual. I'm like those stupid, lazy, low-carbing rats we all heard about this week.

I wonder how many days I'll feel like this before I acclimate? I have a family gathering this weekend and I hope I'm more alert and energtic by then so nobody feels worried about my crazy diet.


I was mildly tachycardic for several hours after my biggest meal, but that's to be expected. I lost vision three times: twice in the morning before eating and once in the afternoon while very full. Shortness of breath was present but it was not as bad as the last couple days.

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