Thursday, August 27, 2009

ZC: Day 17 - Zero Carbage at McDonald's

I think we're finally getting over the hump.


I didn't get hungry until about 2 pm. Since I was out of the house at the time, I stopped at McDonald's for a McDouble with no ketchup or bun (and gave the pickles and onions to the Caveboy). The boy actually had his own bunless burger as well. To my surprise, he did not complain but only talked about how delicious it was. (Well, he did ask repeatedly for a Diet Coke. Gah. I can't believe I ever willingly gave him that stuff.)

Aside from a tiny taste of an egg dish, I think all I ate today was ground beef, tallow, cheese, mustard, and cream. Calories totalled 2300, about 75% from fat.

Signs of hunger seem regulated again. I am back to using the steak test rather than feeling my stomach growl. The nausea has been much better today.

Other Stuff

Still lots of shortness of breath, especially on exertion. My mom suggested this may be exacerbated by the insomnia. I have no clue how I'm going to fix that, but with a little more time maybe it will fix itself. I had a couple instances of vision loss and I can tell I'm still tachycardic on standing but it is not uncomfortable anymore.

Otherwise I felt very good today. My head was clear and my energy level was high.

I'm just so sleepy. Maybe tonight will be the night I can turn in early and catch up.


  1. Your shortness of breath may be due to electrolyte imbalance. You may not be getting enough potassium. See Don's current Primal Wisdom post and nutrient content for informed "food stamp" shopping which required lots of vegetation to supply K. Also, Eades recommends K supplements during induction.

  2. Hi!

    Don's blog is great. I forwarded that post to my mother.

    I think you're correct about the electrolyte imbalance, though it was not triggered by induction specifically. This is a chronic health issue that goes hand in hand with dysautonomia. It is difficult (nigh impossible, really) for POTS patients to maintain optimum levels of both potassium and sodium. I'm a little hesitant to supplement K without a doctor's supervision but will consider trying it out if I do not see improvement on ZC. Vegetation, unfortunately, has never been of any help to me.

    Thanks for posting! You got me thinking about some stuff I haven't considered for a while.