Thursday, August 20, 2009

ZC: Day 10

As usual, here is today's zero carb report. I think these reports are going to get shorter and simpler.


Today I had sausage, cheese, steak, and cream, for a total of 2400 calories. I ate to hunger and not beyond. I ate a small amount at 11 am and my bigger meal around 6 pm.

Using the "would I feel like having some steak right now?" test is the only way I can tell I'm hungry. I haven't the slightest pang of hunger anymore. Yay for not being shackled to the fridge and cupboard!


I was able to be very active today. I am still getting flu like symptoms on and off, but when I wasn't feeling sick, I felt like running, playing, and working hard. That feels great.

I am still having difficulties carrying the baby (or anything else) and with lifting my arms up above my head. Upper body exertion makes my heart have to work a lot harder, it seems. That said, I must add that this is a small inconvenience compared with how I used to feel. I can't believe how much I was able to do today!

I am still extra sleepy, but the insomnia is lifting and I can actually get the sleep I need now. Thank goodness I have an easy baby who loves to sleep, too.

Cognitive Function

I have no complaints. If this keeps up, I'll stop reporting on this category entirely.


Episodes of vision loss were decreased again today--maybe three, total. Shortness of breath was present but also less frequent than the past couple days.

I am still having heartburn and/or nausea, on and off. I'm understanding why people call this stage induction flu. I'm wishing I had some chicken stock.

I am astounded by the difference I see in the mirror after just ten days. I just keep shrinking and I'm never feeling deprived. I just want to kick myself in the pants thinking of how many times in the past I have denied myself food when hungry and not lost any weight in spite of feeling like I was starving.


  1. Very similar to my experience hungerwise - when I went 2 weeks on VLC, I was eating 2x a day usually and seemed satisfied (when I stuck to beef)

    My experiement with adding carbs in is kind of failing...binges happening at nightly all too regularly. I've been trying a bit of fruit/nuts with breakfast and then low carb veggies lunch/dinner but I continue to overeat...I am leaning towards sept being an all meat month to really give ZC an extended try...

    I'm a little late to your blog - not sure about your issues with energy. Is this related to post child birth? (How old is your baby?)

    Are you keeping a journal on ZIOH forums?

  2. Yeah, like I was telling my mom today, I'm not sure whether primal failed me (in terms of weight loss efforts) because of the veggies and limited fruits, or because those carbs caused me to crave worse things and binge every 7-10 days. Mark Sisson's 80/20 rule seems to do wonders for many people but it doesn't work for me. The 20 is more than enough to make me gain and gain and gain.

    The health issues started when I was a child but started to be more debilitating a couple years ago. I'm no worse after this last pregnancy (baby is four months old), though my first might have contributed somehow to the downturn. It's hard to say. I have POTS, but my theory in a nutshell is that many POTS cases are just the beginnings of insulin resistance.

    I'll probably make a longer post about all that soonish. I remember combing the internet trying to figure out what the heck was wrong with me, so hopefully such a post might be useful for other people going through similar stuff.

    I have an account on ZIOH (gwennieboa) but so far I've only lurked. I will start a journal at some point. Do you have one?