Sunday, August 23, 2009

ZC: Day 13 - broth and bleh

On second thought, I'll keep up with my data.


Somehow I always manage to be hungry even when sick, between the periods of nausea. I am grateful for zero carb eating. Today I was thinking about doughnuts and how I could probably pack away six or seven of them without blinking. Animal foods don't trigger that sort of unreasonable behavior.

I really still want fish and chicken, but we had to cook a big beef roast yesterday so that it would not go bad and I would not want to waste any part of it. It does taste good. Nothing the Caveman cooks ever tastes bad. Today I ate beef, tuna, bone broth, butter, cheese, and cream. Calories totalled about 1650. 

I made the broth myself. It turned out pretty nicely. I usually like some veggies in my bone broth (especially celery), but I just used a little garlic and other spices this time.

All the Rest

Heartburn. Bad. Really bad--especially at night. If I weren't a godless heathen, I would be praying that I don't vomit this stuff because if/when I do, it is going to be painful. The cream of tartar and baking soda concoction helps... for about 20 minutes. (I'm quite the skillful complainer, aren't I?)

Still feeling sick, obviously. Still can't decide whether this is induction or some stomach bug. (Or the death throes of all my veg loving intestinal flora?) POTS symptoms are much better today but it doesn't really matter because I haven't the energy to do much anyhow.

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