Friday, August 21, 2009

ZC: Day 11 - Meat Truck

Today I asked the Caveboy (who will be turning four in a few months) what he most wanted for his birthday. His reply? "I want an eighteen-wheeler with a refrigerated trailer so I can take meat everywhere!"

I took him to the store today and bought a half pound of shrimp, which excited him because the butcher wrapped it up in a neat, brown paper package. Somewhere along the line he became convinced that the little pink sea critters were called "spinach". Imagine, then, a beaming three year old on his way out of the supermarket singing "I'm going to eat SPINACH! Oh, YES! Can I have some spinach in the car? Can I hold the spinach all the way home?"

People probably thought we were nuts. That's okay, since we are indeed a little strange.


I ate to hunger today, for a total of 2700 calories. Foods included: canned albacore tuna, shrimp, chicken stock, bacon mayonnaise, butter, cheese, egg, and cream. I was really craving seafood today and would have gladly downed a bunch more of various kinds instead of the egg, cream, and cheese.

I also tried some coffee. Bad idea. More on that below.


Pathetic, in a word. I felt like I had the flu for at least half the day. It took monumental effort to move myself around, much less do anything productive. When the sick feelings weren't present, I felt okay.

Oh, and scratch what I said about the insomnia being gone. I am thinking this probably does have something to do with ZC now, since I've never had such a stretch of difficult nights before.

The coffee I drank hoping that it might wake me up and lift some of the flu-like feelings. Nuh-uh. I remember The Bear saying that coffee can provoke a significant insulin response. I am not sure if that was my problem, but it totally knocked me out (and gave me my first episode of brain fog in several days). No more coffee. Ever.

Cognitive Function

Fine, other than the brain fog and tiredness. That stuff kind of ruins my groove.


For the past couple days I've been getting some uncomfortable lower back pressure. From my reading, I gather that this is probably due to the adjustments happening in my digestive system.

The heartburn is bad, too. It makes me wonder if the shortness of breath issues I've had for the past few years might actually have been GERD or reflux. Caveman made me a great remedy with cream of tartar and baking soda today and it helped a lot. I've always been a "tough it out" sort of person, but at this point I'll try anything but carbs in order to feel better.

The flu feelings are getting super annoying but I'm determined to see this through. I keep reminding myself that no matter how bad I feel now, I really did feel worse on carbs. I reread some old threads on ZIOH today, too, and it was encouraging to know that many other people have been through these same feelings while healing from the effects of carbohydrates. I want to be one of those people on the other side of the valley.

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