Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ZC: Day 9

Our cast iron skillet arrived today from Amazon. Best eggs I've ever tasted--fried in bacon grease, of course.

I'm on a roll now!


It's getting hard to recognize when my body wants to eat. I don't get that gnawing feeling in my stomach at all anymore. Caveman reports feeling the same way already (he seems to be breezing through his induction--lucky turducken, isn't he?). I have read that what we commonly think of as hunger pangs are actually triggered by low blood sugar. I ended up not eating anything until 5 pm today because I just wasn't convinced I was hungry. In retrospect, I think I probably could have used some fuel before that point.

Based on what I've read of other people's experiences, I believe it will get easier to recognize these new hungry feelings with time. The "hunger test" often recommended at ZIOH goes something like this: Does a steak sound good right now? Yes? Then you're hungry.

I will keep this in mind going forward. I'm very curious about what it will be like to experience the sensation of true hunger.

I ended up eating about 2000 calories today. Today's foods included steak, eggs, cheese, butter, and pemmican. I'm beginning to prefer meat to dairy, something that I thought would take a long, long time to happen for me.

Cravings were totally under control. I was given a large plate of one of my favorite desserts by someone dear to me who is an excellent cook and who does not know about my new way of eating. I was able to give the dessert away again, relatively painlessly.


Ups and downs again. I spent part of the day feeling as if I had the flu. During those times all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep. Outside of those times, I was quite motivated. I did about two hours straight of weeding today.

Cognitive Function

Pretty good, when I wasn't feeling sick. Dare I hope this is a new trend? Yes, I dare.


While feeling ill, I had major tachycardia, trouble taking a deep breath, a roaring headache (I rarely get headaches), and I lost vision too many times to count. I really thought today would be a bust, but I felt a little better after some eggs and painkillers. After the steak, I felt great! Before eating I had heartburn, which is extremely unusual.

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